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Autostopcock continues to grow. It has confirmed a distributorship for Guernsey and the other Channel Islands with the well established DHS group.

“We have seen a steady increase in business from the islands and are keen to make our units available there locally” Stewart Pearce Head of Marketing and Sales said. “It seems Escape of Water is a major problem on the Channel Islands too and we are keen to help people protect their properties. DHS have impressed us with their plans for our Autostopcocks”

Don’t let a drip turn into a disaster

In recent years there has been plenty of coverage of floods and storm damage, but this has drawn attention away from the more common risk of ‘escape of water’.

Rather than a large flood, it’s a leaking pipe or kitchen appliance that poses the greatest threat.

An analysis of a sample of 400 claims over a three-year period found that 65% of all claims were for escape of water. This type of water damage often arises from problems with any tank apparatus, kitchen and bathroom appliances, or pipes and is the most likely reason you will make a claim in the next year.

Read More about escape of water problems...

Escape of Water: You think it won't happen to you...

The biggest threat to your property is not fire.. and it's not theft.. in fact you can combine those two before you begin to reach the magnitude of the problem of Escape of Water!! Scary but true!!

Legal & General has calculated that the increase in Escape of Water claims currently adds £54 on average to every household insurance premium in the UK!!! If the number of claims could be reduced then the savings in claims cost may then be reflected in the premiums people pay.

The biggest claim for ‘escape of water’, is largely as a result of burst water pipes either a split or by an appliance. Read More...

Newer buildings at greater risk of escape of water damage

It may come as a surprise to learn that the number of claims made for escape of water damage is actually greater in newer properties (pro-rata). A block of flats built after 1990 is nearly twice as likely as an older property to report escape of water damage, according to Deacon’s analysis of claims.

Nigel Feast said: “Regular maintenance checks are a good idea. You’d be amazed how quickly a small drip or pinhole in a hose can turn into a four-figure claim to repair a kitchen and the ceiling of the flat below. Yes, the insurance may cover it, but that won’t prevent the distress or disruption that inevitably follows water damage within a home. And, if there are repeated incidences, you will find that either premiums or excesses will be increased." Read More...

And by taking the opportunity to fit an intelligent automatic stopcock like the Autostopcock, can substantially reduce the likelihood of damage from Escape of Water as it will detect the problem and turn the water off whether you are there or not.

Autostopcock are now working with the "London Landlord Accreditation Scheme" with the aim of helping landlords reduce the risk associated with water in their properties.


All South Lanarkshire Council schools are now on-site.
  • Woodside Primary School (M&E contractor – Emtec)
  • Carnwath Primary School (Weir & McQuiston)
  • Biggar Primary School (Spie Matthew Hall)
  • Machanhill Primary School (Dalziel Services)
  • Braidwood Primary School (To be confirmed)

Autostopcock is a stipulated South Lanarkshire Council requirement.

Woodside & Carnwath are due to be completed in Spring 2015, Biggar in summer 2015 with the remaining schools being finished later in the year.

The Association of British Insurers: Have stated that 1 in 5 of claims made for damage to property and possessions is from Escape of Water, costing £2m per day!

New for September, Autostopcock has linked up with Alert Trace Heating to provide a service for caravans, mobile homes, and static homes. Based in Wales, Simon Standerwick will be providing support and an installation service.

He can be contacted at 01492 547997/07786153145.

"We see the holiday home sector as one of our key markets" said Matthew Harding Autstopcock’s MD, "and by working with a specialist like Simon, we can give knowledgeable support and experienced advice."

Autostopcock in Republic of Ireland - new office opened
Autostopcock announces its newest office in Dublin the Republic of Ireland run by Matt Kenny 00353 857 492173. Who has an establish heating and plumbing business based there. With the introduction of metered water there has never been a time when saving water has been more important. Autostopcock recognized this and has set up a business based there to provide commercial and domestic consumers with protection from internal escape of water

The Autostopcock gets another recommendation!
This time from a well respected emergency Plumbing specialist
Martin Smith has mentioned about our product so highly and how he recommends by fitting the AutoStopcock, it will save a great deal of money when you take into consideration the damages caused by burst pipes and water leaks. To view what Martin has to say please visit:

The Autostopcock gets a write up in the number one Facilities Management magazine
"With the cold weather putting water pipes under strain, Tomorrow's FM magazine asked us how Facilities Management can prevent costly water escapes."

Read the full article in the latest edition (December 2013) on page 29 TFM Dec2013

Autostopcock-Scotland our Official Licensed Distributor for Scotland
Primarily a plumbing business located in Fife with branches covering the central belt. Who also cater for customers living elsewhere in the country, they can supply and fit this product through a network of approved plumbers.

Independent Living Ireland showcase the Autostopcock® product
Independent Living Ireland have choosen to showcase the Autostopcock® in their two show houses, where they display a range of products to care for people with disabilities and the elderly who wish to maintain their independence and live longer in their homes. They say "We chose Autostopcock because they are reliable and easy to use and will protect both the property and the resident’s possessions from the escape of water."

Autostopcock® product installed in Grade 2 listed building
We are proud to announce that the Autostopcock product has been installed in the following Grade 2 listed building in conjunction with the engineers 'LX Engineering'. The property in question is Crispin House, Trafalgar Street, Leeds, LS2 7PF.

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